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Casual MMORPG Genre that inherits the "Seal Online" IP

Let's go together to a New world of Adventure! Now !


Reach Level 10/20/30/40/50 during the event period.
Receive Special rewards.

Level Up Event

Event period : From May 11th ~

Event Disclaimer
  • 1. If you achieve a certain level, you can receive in-game reward.
  • 2. Rewards can only be obtained once per character.

Seal History

Jul. 2003 - Launched in Korea
Sep. 2003 - Launched in Japan
Jan. 2004 - Launched in Taiwan
Feb. 2005 - Launched in Thailand
Feb. 2006 - Launched in Indonesia
Oct. 2007 - Launched in America
Mar. 2009 - Launched in Malaysia
Apr. 2009 - Seal Online Plus Launched
Jul. 2013 - Seal Online 10 Year Anniversary
Jul. 2018 - Seal Online 15 Year Anniversary
Jul. 2021 - Seal Online 18 Year Anniversary
May 2022 + March 2023 - The first casual MMORPG mobile game to succeed SEAL Online

Developer's Note

Developer's Note


The World of Seal

  • The War Between Elim and Balie

    The war between Elim, the God of Light,
    and Balie, the God of Darkness,
    became a fight between humans and Bale,
    engraving the history of endless war in Shiltz

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  • The Heroes
    Who Disappeared

    The four heroes
    who struggled to protect humans from Bale
    realize the truth of the world
    and hide themselves in history.

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  • An Adventure
    to Find the Truth

    The stories of the missing heroes
    and the stories of adventurers
    leaving to find the truth

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The capital of Shiltz, home to the Lion Knights
and where the Elios Brotherhood headquarters are located.
A rural village located in the Shiltz Basin,
home to the Lime Militia that stopped the Bale invasion.
A city of culture, art, and commerce. The 2nd capital of Shiltz,
which is always crowded with big and small festivals.
A mining village located in the snowy mountainous area.
It is a sacred place for blacksmiths to find good ore.


Click on the monsters to see their characteristics and attack motion.



Cranky Rooster

Crankiest fighter roosters of them all.
Since accepting the cast of Balie, these roosters take revenge on human species for serving their ancestors up on dinner plates for generations.


Baby seal that live in the snowy fields of Shiltz. They hatch from eggs and live on snow flowers.
Qs usually lay about 100~200 eggs, but only a few actually hatch and have a chance of life due to humans hunting them down for their tender meat and delicate taste.


Weakest bale in the world of Shiltz.
Cursed to have its head turn into that of a chicken.

Afro Tree

Bale created by Balie from a tree. It is conscious of his afro.
It may not look violent, but watch its temper explode if you ever touch its hair.

Rascal Rabbit

On a normal day, they attract the tourists with their cute appearance,
but once they become mad… one should avoid all confrontation. You won't think it's cute anymore!

Papa Bear

Angry Papa Bear that supports the family by catching salmon.
His rage with Mama Bear might target you as his next victim.

Moo Moo

Can you be any sillier? The silly Balie decided to turn an innocent radish into a bale.
Being the music loving radish that it is, even its morphed being wears a headset.

Bah Bah

These Bah Bahs happily roam the snowy fields of Shiltz.
Their jolly swagger gave them the name Happy Bah Bah.


Class Characteristics

Main Weapon
Sword and
Combat Style
Close range
The Knight is a class that specializes
in both defense and offense.

As honorable guardians of Elim, the Knight is a defensive fighter armed with swords, shields, and hard armor.

Main Weapon
Combat Style
Long range
The Mage is a class that uses magic
and knowledge to strengthen mental power.

As an explorer who studies the source and logic of everything,
the Mage excels in fire and ice magic.

Main Weapon
One handed
Combat Style
Close range
The Priest is a class that has authority
to use sacred power.

As representatives of God, entrusted with sacred power,
the Priest is a support class with various buffs and healing abilities.

Main Weapon
Combat Style
Long range
The Jester is a class that uses a dagger
and unique songs.

Although humorous and silly, the Jester is a keen fighter
who battles with a dagger and songs.

Main Weapon
Two handed
Combat Style
Close range
The Warrior is a class
that has the highest attack.

As an offensive fighter of mighty brute strength,
the Warrior is skilled in the use of swords.

Hunter Cook

Pets & Guarders

Who will grow up in Seal M with you?



Click on the pet you like and check out their information



Enjoy Seal M with your own cute pet that enhances your character's skills

Piya's Egg

Piya's egg. Let's give it some love and hatch it.

Piya's Egg
Baby Piya

It finally hatched!
It may look worthless,
but let's show some love.

Piya's Egg
Silly Piya

I'm sorry for being stupid…But if you raise me well, I can become great.

Piya's Egg
Smart Piya

As smart as it looks, it is a smart Piya that has a bright future.

Piya's Egg
Extraordinary Piya

It's a big and healthy Piya~ It looks like it won't die easily.

Piya's Egg

It's a chicken.. Therefore, the head is a chicken head…the leg is a chicken leg… I've raised it up to now, so let's just raise it.

Piya's Egg
Clown Piya

It avoids well, it's sharp, and it also has high defense.

Piya's Egg
Mage Piya

Although it has weak defense, it is very very smart.

Piya's Egg
Cleric Piya

It's smart and has a healthy body. Thanks to its sacred energy, it has good evasion.

Piya's Egg
Warrior Piya

Well-rounded! It has both intelligence and power! It's not a dream for it to become a legendary warrior if you raise it well!!

Piya's Egg
Knight Piya

Trust my power to get through this tough world! Hoorah!

Piya's Egg
Outlaw Hero Piya

Outlaw Hero Piya silently appears and defeats the villains when the scent of plum blossoms exude!

Piya's Egg
King of All Chickens

King of All Chickens! The king of all chickens. It is stronger than the Cranky Rooster!

Piya's Egg
Queen of All Chickens

Queen of All Chickens! The queen of all chickens. It is stronger than the Cranky Rooser!

Piya's Egg
Artist Piya

It learned a lot from being a clown, and uses its experience to begin its life as an artist.

Piya's Egg
Great Mage Piya

Don't call it a Mage, call it a GREAT Mage!!

Piya's Egg
High Priest Piya

It finally exalted to a high priest! You can say it became successful, but why not go all the way to becoming a Pope?

Piya's Egg
Swordsman Piya

It finally mastered the way of the sword. However, Piya doesn't stop there. To take its swordsmanship to the next level, it trains every day.

Piya's Egg
Super Piya

Legend says that it appears every 1000 years! Its hair must be sticking out…

Piya's Egg
General Piya

It has risen to the ranks of the general in recognition of its heroism and martial arts skills.

Piya's Egg
Bird Egg

It's a Bird Egg. It's hard to say that Piya's Eggs are Bird Eggs... If it hatches, you can know its true value.

Bird Egg
Legged Bird Egg

It took a bit of time to hatch, but only its feet came out. Only its feet came out, but its this strong. I'm afraid of its future.

Bird Egg
Bat Winged Egg

Looking at its wings, it seems to be belligerent. It looks strong and smart.

Bird Egg
Feather Winged Egg

Angel wings… It must be sturdy.

Bird Egg
Baby Bat

Don't underestimate it because it's a baby. It's a bat after all! Let's grow some bat wings and play with it.

Bird Egg
Pair of Love-Birds

The best love birds.

Bird Egg

The strongest bird of them all! AKA the prince of the sky.

Bird Egg

A legendary beast. There is no end to its ability as it is a mythical creature.

Bird Egg
Hot Blooded Bat Boy

A once calm, cute, and little bat grew up to become a Hot-Blooded. It likes to overreact, but overall, it's a good bat.

Bird Egg
Sacred Ibis

Just as a young lady becomes a middle aged woman when she gets married, Crow became Sacred Ibis! It's as strong as a middle aged woman!

Bird Egg
Sweet Love-Birds

Being love birds is cool and all, but it's just too much!

Bird Egg
Doc Owl

All the reading the owl did during the night paid off. Finally, it got a doctorate degree! It's reborn as Doc Owl!

Bird Egg

A dragon's baby. It's a real bummer it can't become a dragon, but a dragon is a dragon! It's very strong.

Bird Egg

Don't plant it just because it's a seed. Although it's a seed, it's a pet. Let's cherish it.


Even if it wasn't planted in the ground, it sprouted. It's weak, so let's raise it carefully.

Junior Moo Moo

It's a small radish. Be careful not to mix it with kimchi ingredients. It's small, but tough.


Don't underestimate it because it's a Pumpkin. It's quite sturdy.

Cleric Piya

It's well-rounded. Let's raise it carefully so that we don't get blinded by love.


Back in the day, I killed so many Beanies… I feel sorry for it…


Beautiful roses have thorns. Let's raise it carefully. It comes in handy when it comes to bank errands.


Dryad, the fairy of the forest. Looking at its growth process, it's more of a vegetable fairy than a forest fairy.

Pretty Moo Moo

It's a waste to eat it due to its beauty. Although it lacks ability, I like it because it can do bank errands and it's pretty.

Black Dragon Egg

It's a black egg. It must be a Black Dragon's Egg, seeing that black feet and wings are sticking out.

Footed Black Dragon Egg

Although short, finally its legs are out! I hope it grows and becomes a reliable Black Dragon.

Headed Black Dragon Egg

It's almost out of its shell! Guess its head is a bit big... I should take him around carefully because it can't see well yet.

Baby Black Dragon

It's finally out of its shell! Although its small and cute, it's still a Black Dragon.

Black Dragon

A Black Dragon with cool horns! The black skull necklace is the pride of the Black Dragon.

Fly Black Dragon

The most popular Black Dragon with cool horns! The black skull necklace is the pride of the Black Dragon.



Increase your movement speed when you equip a Guarder.
Experience the rapid movement speed of characters and battles through Guarders.

Piya Carriage
Pumpkin Carriage
Winged carriage
Fly Chicken Run Z
Fly Woody Woody
Fly Dragon
Fly Phoenix
Fly Valkyrie
Crab Guarder
Batman Wing
Elegant Flower Carriage
Fancy Flower Carriage
Fly Ball
Prison Carriage
Fake Angel Stroller
Black Dragon
Flower Carriage Orgel
Super Racing Car
Junk Car
Trashcan Car
Harley Davey
Wooden Motorcycle



Find the class you like the most!


Lots of options to customize your character's looks from Costumes to Ooparts!

Item Exchange

Trade with others across the server by using the Item Exchange!

Field Boss

Team up with others and defeat Field Bosses that appear throughout Shiltz!

Field Boss

Catch various items through Fishing!

Seal Talk

Meet new people and send gifts!

Seal Talk


SealM 001
SealM 002
SealM - Playwith U

Playwith U為端遊希望的主題曲SEAL THE LOVE 的PART2,聽到PART1的主題曲會讓大家會回想起希望,在PART2表現了重新面臨的挑戰和建立羈絆的冒險